Question: How much does your hotel site selection service cost? How does your company get paid?
Answer: We do not charge our clients any fees for our hotel site selection services. We are paid a commission from the hotels. Our payment comes from their marketing budget, which is their cost of doing business. Each hotel we contact on a client's behalf, signs a form confirming that rates are not being impacted by our fee. Additionally in the contract, the hotel states that rates are not being impacted. We cannot guarantee that rates will never be impacted, but we can promise you that if rates are ever impacted, we will inform you and let you decide whether you want to work with us on that transaction or directly with the hotel � you decide.

Question: We already have a relationship with someone at Starwood and Hyatt. Can we work with you and continue to work with them?
Answer: Absolutely! We would love to be your only contact, however, we do understand that you have spent time and energy in creating and maintaining these relationships and we have the upmost respect for those relationships. We would be delighted to be able to save you time and effort by working on this time/labor consuming process on your behalf, thus allowing you additional time to focus on other key tasks and objectives.

Question: I am a meeting planner and if I use your services, you are essentially doing what I am paid to do. Why should I use your services?
Answer: Our goal is to help you save time and money and to make you look good while doing it (saving time/money). Outsourcing the site selection process to us gives you more time to spend on other responsibilities and provides you with an additional resource that is representing your interest. We work for you and your organization. Perhaps you can engage us for the initial search and take over from there. We know that over time, you will notice the benefit of our services and having additional industry representation.

Question: Our organization only holds small meetings. Could you help us?
Answer: As long as you have 10 rooms or more and are willing to sign a group contract, we can help!

Question: Our annual conference is huge, and requires multiple hotels throughout the city, and as a result, we usually work with the various convention and visitors bureaus. Can your company provide this service?
Answer: CVBs are great resources and we have used their services. We can also book multiple hotels, and can even sell some hotels over others. And we can negotiate contracts with those hotels while acting as an advocate for you. CBVs on the other hand are obligated to represent all of their paying members, equally. We work for you and can be more open with you regarding the benefits and liabilities of the various venue options.

Question: If we use your services, can you get us better rates?
Answer: In some instances the room rate may be the same as the one quoted by the hotel, but, we not only work on reducing room rates, but also on reducing other costs, i.e., food & beverage minimums, meeting room rentals, resort fees, etc., and minimizing attrition and cancellation penalties. Our goal is to save you time and money by helping to eliminate the burdensome tasks of reviewing countless proposals and talking with various sales persons all at no additional cost to your organization.

Question: We want to hold our next incentive event on a cruise ship. Does your company work with any of the cruise lines?
Answer: Yes. We have worked with various lines on past events and can definitely manage your request.

Question: We have already booked a property for our next corporate meeting, but we still need to organize a spousal program during the event. Can your company assist us with a spousal program?
Answer: Yes we can! While our goal is to become your hotel liaison, we have worked with various destination management companies and could serve as your point of contact with them. Our approach to this process would be the same as with the hotels, we would request bids from at least three DMC's, we would rate them and then you would select the DMC that best meets your needs. Should you need a company to plan an event, such as an awards dinner, a product rollout or an anniversary celebration, we have of successfully event and meeting planning experience and would be more than happy to assist in that regard.

Question: Do you work with hotels, globally?
Answer: Yes! We have long standing relationships with many national/international sales offices that have properties, worldwide. And we currently have several clients that hold annual international me