In Focusing on the Needs of Our Clients, we at PMG have developed a full range of services that can be tailored to support and enhance your organization's objectives.

Hotel Research and Site Selection
Conference and Meeting Planning

Hotel Research and Site Selection

PMG Hotel Site Selection Professionals will review your meeting or event requirements, thoroughly research the marketplace for properties that best meet the requirements for your event, develop a detailed presentation and provide you with our A Site at a Glance sheet detailing potential hotels, room rates, amenities, food and beverage cost comparisons, meeting space specs and other factors that meet your specifications. Once you have reviewed our short list of possible venues and identified the ones that interest you - we will coordinate complimentary hotel site visits for you, as well.

Outsourcing the process of researching and communicating with potential sites, and reading and evaluating countless proposals to us, affords you the opportunity of allocating your time to other tasks, and saving you time and your organization money, all at no additional cost.

These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Collect and Evaluate Proposals
  • Coordinate Site Visits
  • Site Selection
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Research Sites
  • Prepare and Issue RFPs

Our Process

  • Review and document your needs and preferences for your event via a meeting, telephone conversation or email
  • Prepare and send out RFPs
  • Collect the responses from the RFPs and consolidate them into our A Site At A Glance sheet which is based on your preferences and forward the information to you

At this stage, you decide if you want to work directly with the hotels that meet your requirements or we can proceed on your behalf by carrying out the following:

  • Coordinate site inspections
  • Negotiate contracts to ensure a win-win between you and the selected property
  • Communicate your decision to those hotels that were not selected
  • Liaise with and resolve any issues that may arise with your hotel sales contact, conference services team or accounting department pre or post conference in the

Client Benefits

  • We contact hotels on your behalf, protecting you from unwanted sales calls and solicitations
  • You only explain your program once, to our site selection personnel, you do not have to repeatedly explain your program to numerous hotel salespersons

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Conference and Meeting Planning

PMG offers from concept through completion services for conferences, meetings and special events. Successful events have ranged from small, one-day local events to large multi-day regional, national and international conferences. We write, edit, produce and distribute an assortment of event related publications, create computerized and web-based registration systems, provide subject area experts to serve on panels and do research on programs and activities in specialized fields. PMG's commitment to professional excellence and our customized approach to conference and meeting management guarantee that your event will be a resounding success!

  • Conference Design
  • Coordination & Management
  • Conference Closeout
  • Dine A Rounds
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Logistical Support
  • Registration Management
  • Special Events Planning
  • Tours
  • Travel and Accommodations
  • Conference Brochures, Programs, and Proceedings Editing and Production

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Customized Tours

PMG Tours specializes in providing custom tours of some of the world�s most remarkable destinations. Have one of our travel advisors design the itinerary of your dreams, today! Indulge in affordable yet luxurious travel packages to Egypt, South Africa, and Washington, DC, and Miami, Florida in the USA. Explore fascinating, fast-paced Cairo, relax on a luxurious cruise down the greatest of rivers, the mighty Nile and see the great Pyramids of Giza via camelback - just imagine your ultimate trip to any of these destinations.

Our tour specialists customize inspiring travel experiences that meet the needs and desires of individual and group travelers. Our team of destination experts take care of every detail of your vacation � from the choice accommodations and scrumptious cuisine to the captivating excursions and flawless details, expect the best in enriching travel and unsurpassed quality and we will develop the ideal itinerary for you.

Discover a world of custom travel experiences - Contact PMG Tours at Travel@portmgmtgroup.comm or 202-659-8006.

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